Christopher Meloni Will Return For The ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 22 Premiere

It was only about a month ago when we found out that Christopher Meloni is getting his own SVU spinoff as Elliot Stabler on NBC sometime this year, and now there’s even better news. According to showrunner Warren Leight, Meloni will return for the Law & Order: SVU Season 22 premiere as well.

  1. Talk about a blast from the past. Lest we forget (as if we ever could), Meloni starred alongside Mariska Hargitay for SVU‘s first twelve seasons. Fans have been mourning his absence ever since, so his return to the show, even if it is only temporary, is something worth celebrating.
  2. The news was revealed on SVU‘s behind-the-scenes podcast. Speaking on a recent episode, Leight said, “It’s pretty clear that Elliot will be in the SVU season opener. I think that much I know.” The details of his appearance are a little fuzzy at the moment, which is understandable, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it doesn’t matter what Meloni’s return entails, only that it’s happening at all.
  3. Meloni was supposed to be back in Season 21. Leight also revealed on the podcast that initially, Elliot was meant to be in the Season 21 finale but all of that got messed up due to the global health crisis since the season has been cut short. While it sucks to have to wait a little longer, at least they’re still making it happen!
  4. We may or may not see Elliot’s family. Elliot has a wife and son, but Leight isn’t sure whether they’ll appear in the premiere with him or not. “Whether we’ll get to see his family as well remains to be seen,” he said. Fair enough.
  5. Meloni’s SVU return is the hope I need in my life. Times are tough right now but just think: by the time Season 22 rolls around, hopefully this great international nightmare will be on its way to being over. Now there’s a positive thought.
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