Cinnabon’s Frozen Churro Chillata Is The First Thing You Need To Drink When You’re Out Of Quarantine

Cinnabon’s Frozen Churro Chillata Is The First Thing You Need To Drink When You’re Out Of Quarantine Cinnabon

At the moment, it’s not possible to really go anywhere or do anything besides pick up a few groceries or maybe go for a solo run (while practicing social distancing, of course). However, when this international nightmare is finally over, imagine how great it’ll be to walk aimlessly around the mall and hit up Cinnabon for a frozen Churro Chillata. Ugh, I can almost taste it now!

  1. It’s a dessert and a drink all in one! The Cinnabon Churro Chillata is basically every delicious thing you can think of put into one cup. Described as a “frozen blend of churros, caramel & cream topped with a bonus churro,” it’s bound to be the must-have beverage of the summer, right?
  2. You get your choice of churro topping. You can choose between a Churro Swirl, which is made into a circle and sits on the top of the cup, or a Churro Stick that’s stuck inside the Chillata cup almost like a straw. Which one would you go for?
  3. Yes, it’s over the top, but that’s kind of the point. If you think the Churro Chillata is taking things a bit too far, you’re absolutely right. “Churros have become such a popular treat, we had to find a way to mix it up and deliver it in a beverage,” said Cinnabon’s chief marketing officer, Karyn Sarago, in a press release. “This over-the-top beverage experience catches your eye and is sure to have loyal Cinnabon fans and new guests craving churros all spring long.”
  4. At $6.29, it’s not the cheapest drink you’ll ever have. However, given the fact that this is more than just a drink and kinda counts as dessert too, it’s almost excusable. Still, I have to be honest in saying that even when I get this, I’ll still be getting a cinnamon bun while I’m at it. Who’s with me?
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