This Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Is Pretty Much Impossible To Solve But You’ll Want To Try Anyway

While doing jigsaw puzzles hasn’t been much of a hip pastime for younger folks recently, all that’s changing now that we’re all quarantined indoors for God knows how long. Suddenly it’s fun trying to fit thousands of pieces together to create a picture. But what if you could put together a clear puzzle that had no picture at all? Sounds like delicious torture!

  1. The clear puzzle is the creation of Etsy seller LittlePotFlowerShop. Because they’re apparently a bunch of sadists, they’ve created a completely clear jigsaw puzzle that’s almost impossible to put together. How could it be possible when there’s nothing to go off, no hints you can give yourself? It’s absolute madness (and I’m here for it).
  2. The puzzle comes in four different sizes. A clear puzzle of any size is going to be difficult to put together, but the makers have made theirs in four different sizes, getting harder and harder the smaller the pieces get. The “easiest” is only nine pieces measuring 3″ x 3″. There’s also a 25-piece puzzle that measures 5″ x 5″. Then we get to the really hard stuff, a 49-piece 7″ x 7″ and the 144-piece 12″ x 12″ which will make you want to rip your hair out with frustration, no doubt.
  3. The puzzles have proven incredibly popular. Because it’s not every day you come across a clear puzzle, these have proven incredibly popular with buyers. At the moment, they’re currently up for pre-order only via the Etsy shop. Prices start at $16.99 for the version with the biggest pieces and go up from there. You’ll want to put your order in if this is something you like.
  4. There’s plenty of time to work on this, so if you like a challenge, this might be for you. If nothing else, it will distract you from everything happening in the world at the moment, and that’s something worth being grateful for.
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