Clear Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You & Isn’t Over You Yet


Just because you’ve broken up with someone doesn’t necessarily mean the book is closed on the relationship. Feelings can’t be switched on and off so easily, and it’s very likely that even if you haven’t been a couple for weeks or even months, your ex still has feelings for you. If you’re not sure whether it’s all in your head or they really are harboring some regret about no longer being your partner, keep your eyes peeled for these signs.

  1. They still like and comment on your social media posts. Generally speaking, after a breakup, you don’t want any reminders around of the person you just broke up with or your relationship. That’s why blocking is such a powerful tool in helping people move on. However, if your ex is still following you and even likes and comments on all your status updates and cute selfies, it’s likely they still have feelings for you in one way or another.
  2. They regularly call or text you – almost more than when you were together! When you were in a relationship, it was like pulling teeth to get them to text you back in a timely manner or to pick up the phone and call you. That’s no longer the case now that your relationship status has switched to single. It’s like you can’t get rid of them – your phone is regularly blowing up with calls and texts from them. Half the time, they’re just shooting the breeze and don’t even really have much to say.
  3. They ask your friends about you. You know your ex still has feelings for you when they’re asking your friends about what you’re up to, who you’re seeing, how you are, etc. First of all, he could just ask you (unless of course he totally screwed you over and you’re no longer on speaking terms). Second of all, why does it matter to him so much when you’re no longer together? Hmm…
  4. They’re still not dating anyone else. If it’s been several months and they’re still not dating anyone else or even trying to meet someone, it’s very possible that they’re not over you. Sure, maybe they’re just enjoying being on their own after a long-term relationship, but it’s more likely that they’re just not ready to move on from you quite yet.
  5. They try to make you jealous. You might want to make someone jealous out of anger or revenge, but if your relationship ended on relatively decent terms, it’s doubtful that either of these is the motivation for their actions. It’s more than likely that your ex still has feelings for you and is trying to get a reaction out of you. Not very slick!
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