You Can Buy Clear Succulents That Look Like Giant Droplets Of Rain

Is there a day that goes by that I’m not scrolling through Instagram, looking for different plants and flowers that I don’t already own but can buy? Not really, no. I recently discovered clear succulents are a thing and now that I’ve seen these beautiful little raindrop-looking plants, I’m desperate to fill my house with a million of them.

  1. They’re native to South Africa. Clear succulents, which are actually known by the scientific name Haworthia Cooperi, are pretty widespread in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, and are described as a “varied and diverse plant species from the Asphodelaceae family.” All I know is that their translucent petals are a thing of beauty.
  2. Clear succulents are extremely adaptable. According to Plant Care Today, a lot of gardeners really love succulents in the Haworthia family because of their adaptability. Most succulents are rather low-maintenance and easy to care for and these are no exception. While they prefer bright light, you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) keep them in direct sunlight. After all, in nature, you’ll mostly find them growing under trees or in rock shadows and the like. Cold or hot temperatures are fine for the plant and in winter you only need to water it once a month. Now that IS adaptable.
  3. They grow slowly and stay small. Clear succulents — also known as cushion aloe, atar window plant, pearl plant, and zebra cactus, among other names — produces clumps of little rosettes that are mostly transparent with a green tinge which enables light to pass. The rosettes never grow any bigger than 2 inches, which should tell you how small this baby is!
  4. Don’t overwater them! Perhaps the best advice you can follow when taking care of these clear succulents is not to overwater them. They can develop root rot or even get fungus gnats if the soil is too moist for too long. Ensure your plants are well-drained and you’re already halfway there. Happy planting!

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