Cleo Smith Kidnapper Beaten To A Pulp By Fellow Inmate Within Hours Of His Arrest

Cleo Smith Kidnapper Beaten To A Pulp By Fellow Inmate Within Hours Of His Arrest Western Australia Police

Terry Kelly, the man suspected of kidnapping 4-year-old Cleo Smith in Western Australia, was beaten “black and blue” by a fellow inmate within hours of his arrest. The 36-year-old man had to be taken from Carnarvon police station in an ambulance on Wednesday to receive treatment for the injuries he sustained when the other man attacked him for his crime, the Daily Mail reports.

  1. Cleo disappeared while camping with her family on October 16. Her mother woke up at 6 a.m. to find the family’s tent unzipped and their oldest daughter, 4-year-old Cleo, missing. Police immediately began combing the area for signs of the girl, and suspicions were raised when Kelly was seen buying diapers though he had no children. “It wasn’t a random tip or a clairvoyant or any of the sort of things that you might hear,” said Police Minister Paul Papalia said. “It was just a hard police grind.” Cleo was found 18 days later inside a locked home roughly 10 miles from where she lives. She was alive and well and apparently unharmed.
  2. Kelly had an obsession with dolls. It was recently discovered that Kelly maintains several social media accounts dedicated to  his collection of Bratz dolls. Many of the photos showed Kelly in a room full of the toys in his own house. Authorities are investigating the connection this has with Smith’s kidnapping.
  3. Crimes against children are never taken lightly. While many of the crimes committed by those in prison are extremely serious, harming children has always been considered taboo and those discovered to be guilty of abusing or killing children can be attacked regularly or even killed for their crimes. Because of this, it was no surprise that Kelly quickly became a target.
  4. The mother of the inmate who attacked Kelly spoke out. She claimed that her son realized soon after being placed in the same holding as Kelly who he was and what he’d done. “I tell you what, he (Kelly) got a real hiding…my son had to be taken out in shackles, and he (Kelly) was taken for treatment…he was in a bad way. He is a big bloke but he really copped it,” she said.
  5. A spokesman for Western Australia Police has refused to confirm the reports. While Kelly was seen being transported from the prison, Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde claimed that he believed that “the man in custody self-harmed.” However, he went on to say that if Kelly was attacked, it would be dealt with after reviewing surveillance footage. “Obviously in modern police stations, there’s CCTV in all the cells and everything else,” he added.
  6. Kelly was returned to the police station later the same day. After receiving treatment at the hospital, Kelly was returned to the police station and continued his interview with officers. He was expected to be charged on Thursday.
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