Clip-In Bangs Are The Perfect Hair Accessory For Commitment-Phobes

Hair is serious business. No matter how adventurous you are or how confident you are that even the worst haircut will grow out eventually, committing to getting bangs when you’ve never had them and aren’t sure if they’ll really suit you is a big deal. Well, now you don’t have to make such a big decision because clip-in bangs exist to solve all your problems.

They’re made with 100% human hair. There’s nothing synthetic about HIKYUU’s clip-in bangs, which are made with all natural human hair. I’m not particularly bothered by anything synthetic, but using real hair will go a long way in making these clip-in bangs look more realistic.

They come in a variety of hair colors. Regardless of your hair color, clip-in bangs are here for you. If you do happen to have a bit more of an eccentric shade, the good news is that these things are actually dye-able, so you can always get the perfect color for you.

There are two widths available. HIKYYU’s clip-in bangs are available with or without “temples.” The ones with temples are perfect for people with wider foreheads since they’re really just bangs that are wider. If you have a narrower forehead, the bangs without temples will work just fine.

You can style these just like real hair. That means you can straighten, curl, crimp, or even trim them. They can also be washed in case they get sweaty or gross, which is always a good thing. There’s nothing worse than greasy hair, even if you can unclip it.

They actually get really good reviews. While fake bangs that cost roughly $10 seem like they couldn’t be that good, the reviews say differently. Verified purchasers on Amazon are raving about these things and their uploaded pictures prove just what a great product this is. While they do have an initial smell when out of the packet, it’s not long before it goes away (and you can always get rid of it by washing them). You can get yours on Amazon HERE.

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