This Alarm Clock Will Literally Run Away From You To Get You Out Of Bed

Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is hard. If you’re chronically late and struggle not to hit the snooze button 5,000 times before eventually dragging yourself into the world of the living, you may need this robotic alarm clock that literally runs (OK, rolls) away from you until you get up to turn it off.

  1. Clocky the alarm clock is the late sleeper’s dream (or nightmare) product. It’s loud, annoying, and makes it hard for you to shut the thing up without actually getting up and following it. It can roll, beep, and literally jump off a three-foot-tall nightstand in an effort to evade you.
  2. Even if you’re a heavy sleeper, Clocky will wake you up. The product’s creators claim it’s “impossible” to sleep through Clocky’s R2D2-like noises. In essence, it’s perfect for the deep sleeper in your life (especially if that person is you and you’re on the verge of being fired from your job because you can’t seem to get up on time).
  3. It’s a true exercise in entrepreneurship. Clocky was created by an MIT alum who got major funding for the product on an appearance on Shark Tank. In fact, the deal he got is said to be record-breaking for the series. If the Sharks can see the value in clocky, that says something, right?
  4. If you’re legit guilty of abusing the snooze button, this might do the trick. There’s nothing wrong with trying to grab those last few precious moments of sleep in the morning—we’re all guilty of it now and then, especially when our beds are so cozy—but if this is happening every single day and you’re trying to build a better routine at the start of your day, Clocky might help you on your way. Since it’s less than $40 and available on Prime, there’s no big loss if it can’t outrun you, right?

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