Coca-Cola Has Released Cherry Vanilla Coke And Soda Will Never Be The Same Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Has Released Cherry Vanilla Coke And Soda Will Never Be The Same

While I don’t drink TOO much soda these days, there’s nothing I love more than a nice, crisp Diet Coke. I’ve never been one for sugary drinks, so the fact that it has no calories and isn’t overly saccharine appeals to me, and while I’m loyal to the classics, I’m also really keen to try Coca-Cola’s new Cherry Vanilla Coke.

You can finally have some of your favorite flavors in one! There’s already Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke sold as two different flavors, and many people have already mixed the two themselves to create a Cherry Vanilla version of their own. Now you don’t have to — it exists in one bottle!

There’s even a zero-sugar option! While many times, soda brands release new flavors in their regular, full-sugar formula, it’s nice to know that Coca-Cola is thinking of those of us who prefer to avoid excess sugar as much as possible. I know which one I’ll be buying!

You can grab 12-oz cans or bottles. I prefer cans of Diet Coke simply because I find that bottles go flat too quickly and I don’t drink that much of it, meaning smaller portions are more ideal for me. However, if you’re sharing it with multiple people, larger bottles will be available.

This is out just in time for Valentine’s Day. Cherry Vanilla Coke will hit supermarket shelves nationwide beginning on February 10, which means you can grab a bottle or two of this to complement your Valentine’s Day meal (maybe from The Olive Garden or Red Lobster, perhaps?). Sounds like a plan to me!

Thanks for creating the best flavor ever, Coca-Cola. It sometimes feels like other countries get the most delicious soda flavors (looking at you, Japan), but with Cherry Vanilla Coke, America is finally getting in on some of the delicious drink action. Thanks, Coke!

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