Coca-Cola With Coffee Is Coming Soon In 3 Different Delicious Flavors

Coca-Cola With Coffee Is Coming Soon In 3 Different Delicious Flavors Coca-Cola

I’ll admit that I used to have an obsession with Diet Coke. I still drink it now (it’s the only soda I’ll drink), just less than I did previously. However, I may just change my mind now that I’ve discovered that Coca-Cola with coffee is a thing. YES PLEASE!

  1. I guess they had to compete with Pepsi. Not long ago, Pepsi released their own coffee-soda hybrid with double the caffeine as their normal cola. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been competitors pretty much forever, so it only makes sense that if coffee mixed with soda presents the opportunity for big business, Coca-Cola wants to get on board.
  2. It will be available in three different flavors. If Coca-Cola with coffee seems like your cup of, er, soda with coffee, you’ll be able to get 12-ounce cans in Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel flavors, all of which will be around 70 calories.
  3. It’ll pack a serious caffeine punch. While they’re not claiming that it contains double the caffeine as normal Coca-Cola, it only makes sense that combining two caffeinated beverages will give you a real wake-up call (though, given that this is Coca-Cola, you might want to have it as a mid-afternoon boost rather than an early morning beverage).
  4. This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola has gone down the coffee route. Remember Coca-Cola BlāK? It was a coffee-flavored soda that debuted in 2006 but only lasted two short years before it was removed. According to Coca-Cola’s chief operating officer Nancy Quan, the brand was aware that they were a bit too far ahead of the curve on that one. Now seems like the right time, and thus Coca-Cola with coffee was born.
  5. The drink, along with Pepsi’s version, will be out in April 2020. That means you have a couple of months to decide which flavor you’ll try first. I think I’ll go with Dark Blend.
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