This Coffee Machine Sounds Exactly Like Britney Spears And It’s Bugging People Out Twitter/saaasdfghjkl

This Coffee Machine Sounds Exactly Like Britney Spears And It’s Bugging People Out

Every once in a while, a story so stupid yet so hilariously amazing comes along that you can’t help but share it with everyone you know. The coffee machine that sounds like Britney Spears is one such story, so now I’m sharing it with you all because I care.

It all started on Twitter. A Philadelphia-based comedian named Sam took to Twitter on the day after Christmas to share a video of the DeLonghi Magnifica machine in her hotel room that had a special talent: it could sing like Britney Spears and take us all back to the ’90s.

The machine sounds like the intro to “Stronger.” Okay, so while the machine doesn’t actually sing in a Britney-esque voice (which would have been even more amazing), it does sound like the intro to the hit song “Stronger” when it dispenses your drink, which is pretty impressive on its own.

People love this thing. Sam’s tweet has been liked nearly 43,000 times and has nearly 9,000 responses, many of which are jokes. “How do you like your coffee? Stronger than yesterday!” one wrote. Another added, “Coffee machine could have been on a remix or something.”

Sam’s coffee machine isn’t the only talented appliance. Other responses to her tweet insisted that more Britney Spears coffee machines are out there spreading the joy of the pop diva while dispensing a morning brew, though these people failed to provide video evidence so I’m still skeptical. As far as I’m concerned, the DeLonghi Magnifica is wearing the Britney crown.

I feel like Britney would appreciate this. Sure, she probably wouldn’t appreciate knowing that someone is ripping off her copywritten work (though since she didn’t write “Stronger,” it’s unlikely she owns any of it), but she would have to laugh to hear one of her biggest hits played back to her via a coffee machine.

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