These Color-Changing Halloween Lights Will Bring A Little Spookiness To Your Home

Look, I know it’s only the middle of summer, okay? I’m aware that autumn is still, like, two months away, and Halloween is more than three months away. That doesn’t mean I’m not already thinking about getting in the spooky spirit and considering putting out some decorations. After all, inflatable, floating, color-changing Halloween lights actually exist, and considering they’re pool-safe and pools are only open in the summer in most places, I feel like it’s totally acceptable to get in in the Samhain spirit now.

Ghosts and jack o’lanterns are your shapes. Are there any more classic Halloween symbols than ghosts and pumpkins? I think not. These round nights, which measure about 15.6 x 17.5 x 17.5inches when inflated for the white one and 19.5 x 14.9 x 19.5 inches for the orange one. That’s a pretty good size! You blow them up by mouth, which makes them even easier to get up and running.

You can turn them any color you’d like. Since the bulbs in these Halloween lights are LED, that automatically means they’re color-changing. Once inflated and in operation, you can use the included remote control to change your jack o’lantern and ghost lights into any of 16 colors. Mama loves choices!

They’re waterproof so they’re pool-safe. If you’re feeling a little spooky mid-summer or you live in a climate where your pool is still in use as you get closer to Halloween, then you’ll be glad to know that the lights are totally waterproof and safe to use in the pool.

However, you can pretty much use them anywhere. Maybe you want to place them around a tree in your back yard or bring to the beach with you one night. Maybe you even want to use them inside the house, and you totally can!

You can get your color-changing Halloween lights from Amazon. They come in sets of two and cost about $40, which is totally worth it. Grab yours on Amazon HERE.

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