Being Comfortable With Your Boyfriend Is A Good Thing, But These 13 Behaviors Are Taking Things Too Damn Far

You want to be able to hang out with your boyfriend in sweatpants and watch “Friends” reruns, but getting too comfy with him can be the end of your relationship. If you’re guilty of doing any of these 13 things, do your relationship a favor and quit them right now.

Letting them rip 

Whose idea was it that it was fun to fart in front of your partner? It’s not a sign you’ve reached a higher level of intimacy—it’s disgusting. It’s even worse if you’re play-tormenting each other with random farts, like in the bath or bed. The more you do it, the more he’ll want to do it. Ugh.

Popping his pimples 

You notice your BF has a nasty pimple taking up residence on his chin, so you pop it for him. WTF? Are you his mother or dermatologist? There are certain things you really don’t need to see, like what’s brewing under that zit, because you don’t want to think about it when you kiss him later. If you even want to kiss him later. Gross.

Phubbing up a storm 

You should be on date night but you’re both texting other people or updating your Facebook status. Talk about killing the mood. Whatever happened to having a real conversation and enjoying each other’s company?

Living in your sweatpants 

You want your BF to see you looking natural without feeling like you need to be wearing three inches of foundation and an LBD to impress him. But if you’re always lying around in your unflattering, dirty sweatpants, you’re killing the mystery and letting yourself go. Changing your ways isn’t about impressing him but having self-confidence and self-respect!

Moaning about your cellulite 

You tell him how much you hate the cellulite on your thighs, then you even point it out under bright lighting when he says he can’t see anything. No, no, no! Why bring yourself down? Highlight your assets and remind him why he should be with you, instead of acting like you’re not worth love. That’s total BS.

Using baby voices 

What is it with couples speaking to each other in weird baby voices? So creepy. If you want to be all goo-goo and gaga over someone, get a puppy, okay?

Filling him in on all the drama.

It’s cool to chat to your BF about your friendships and get his support, but if you’re calling him the minute some new bestie-related drama drops in your life, you’re turning him into your platonic confidante.

Making nudity no big deal 

Remember when you’d take your top off and your boyfriend would make murmuring noises of approval? It’s a huge sign you’re way too comfortable with him if you can strip down to nothing and he doesn’t even notice. Perhaps the problem is that you never make time for romance, you’re always in baggy period panties, or you talk about chores and boring things when you’re undressing in front of each other. WTF? Time to bring the spice back, ASAP.

Feeling you know everything there is to know about each other 

When last did you and your BF really talk and learn more about each other? Even if you’re in an LTR, it doesn’t mean that you should ever stop exploring each other’s minds and personalities. If you feel there’s nothing more to know about your partner, there’s a problem.

Not puckering up anymore 

You don’t kiss each other much unless sex is on the table. Who said kissing was only part of the honeymoon phase? It should be a sexy, sensual thing you do together all the time, not just when you’re going through foreplay motions.

Going through his phone like it’s no big deal 

No, it’s not snooping. You wanted to get someone’s number from your BF’s contact list and since he was in the shower, you used his phone without asking. When returning from a party, your BF will casually unzip your bag to fish out his keys. These things might make you think it’s fun to have a “what’s mine is yours” mentality, but what about privacy? You should always have some things that are just yours, even though you have nothing to hide. It’s about respect and giving each other a bit of space instead of always being up in each other’s grill.

Using his personal hygiene products 

You missed a spot when shaving your legs, so you reach for his razor in the shower. WTF? It’s gross and can put you at risk of infection and possibly even STIs. Same goes for using his toothbrush or nail file. It’s not cute, it’s creepy.

Not holding back on criticism 

When you order chocolate mousse for dessert, your partner makes a “joke” about how you’re going to put on weight. When he says he’s going to start a new hobby, you tell him that he’s a loser who never sticks to his plans. You’re so comfortable in your relationship, you’re always insulting each other in a “funny” way or just telling it like it is. The problem? There’s being honest and then there’s being cruel to each other—and there’s no place for the latter in a loving relationship.

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