If I Have To Compete For You, You Don’t Like Me Enough

You’re hot, but not hot enough for me to lose my self-respect. I’m not going to bend over backwards just so I can date you. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. If I have to compete for you, then you clearly don’t like me enough.

You should want me and only me. 

If there’s another girl that you like as much as you like me, then you might as well kiss my perfect ass goodbye, because I don’t want to be with you. I want someone who’s completely and utterly crazy about me. Someone who would never dream of trading me away for another woman.

It’s unfair to me.

It’s one thing to be confused about what you want, but it’s another to actually let me know I’m in a competition. Do you know how unattractive that makes me feel? Screw you for making me doubt myself.

I refuse to compete with another woman.

Women are always pitted against each other and it needs to stop. Instead of making us compete for you, you should get your act together and make a decision on your own. It isn’t that hard.

I like myself too much.

You might not love me, but I love myself. That’s why I’m not willing to put myself through the pain of competing for you. It would take a lot out of me, and in the end, I’d be left disappointed.

I don’t want you to have doubts. 

Even if I go along with your games, and end up winning you, then I still won’t be happy. Whenever we have a fight or an off day, I’ll wonder if you’re doubting your decision to be with me. That thought would tear me apart.

Women don’t exist for your entertainment.

If you want us to compete, it’s because you like all of the attention. You want to see us bite and scratch and bleed for you, but I’m not willing to enter a cat fight. I’m not here for your entertainment.

Juggling women doesn’t make you look more attractive.

You might think that your hotness level has rose, because there are so many other girls who want to be with you, but you’re completely wrong. I don’t want someone who brags over how popular they are at bars. I want someone who’s happy with one woman.

Your feelings clearly aren’t as strong as mine.

If they were, then you wouldn’t have to ask yourself which one of us you want more. You’d know that it was me, and no other woman would work. But since you’d be happy with any one of us, there’s no point in dating me, because I’m sick of being the one who loves more.

I’ll fight for you.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m willing to work hard to be with you, because I know how much effort serious relationships require. But I’m not willing to compete for your affection and attention. That just wouldn’t be fair to me.

You’re not much of a prize.

 Don’t force me to enter a competition to try to win you. Truth is, you’re not that great. There are better prizes out there.

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