Is He A Compulsive Liar? 10 Signs He’s Incapable Of Being Honest

As tempting as it is to take everything at face value in a new relationship, there are some not-so-honest guys out there. Look for these 10 signs to determine if you have a keeper or a compulsive liar on your hands.

  1. He moves freakishly fast. Listen, I’m all about a whirlwind romance, but if this guy is asking you to be his girlfriend before he even commits your birthday to memory, you may have a liar on your hands. Usually, when guys move too fast it’s because they’re trying to either cover up an issue or avoid dealing with it altogether.
  2. He loves to be the center of attention. Odd as it may seem, no one loves to be in the spotlight more than a compulsive liar. They get a rush out of having everyone’s eyes on them and they often overexaggerate stories to feel good about themselves. Though they would never admit it, they feel an insatiable need to impress others in order to gain approval. A person who isn’t comfortable being themselves around others is definitely not boyfriend material.
  3. He leaves the room to talk on the phone. Or places his phone face down whenever you’re around. Yes, everyone is entitled to their privacy, but if you notice your guy has a habit of keeping his phone as far away from you as possible, it’s probably because he knows something may come up that he doesn’t want you to see. The same red flag should be raised when it comes to phone calls. If he continuously beelines to the next room every time his phone rings, I’m willing to bet that’s not his mom on the line.
  4. Basic questions make him squirm. Although there are some pretty skilled liars out there, body language never lies. If a simple question such as “What did you do today?” causes him to fidget, look away or stumble over his words, run. Run away and don’t look back.
  5. He gets defensive quickly. When an honest person is put on the spot, they don’t fold under pressure. They answer questions calmly because they know what they’re saying is true. A compulsive liar, on the other hand, will get defensive and angry if he feels you’re prodding a little too much. Remember, if he has nothing to hide, he has no reason to be upset.
  6. He develops amnesia quite often. Keeping up with lies is exhausting—that’s why most people opt to tell the truth. However, in the case of Mr. Liar Liar Pants On Fire, rather than facing the truth head-on, he develops sporadic cases of amnesia and doesn’t remember any questionable actions he said or did in the past, even if said past was only an hour ago (insert face with rolling eyes emoji here).
  7. You never hear the same story twice. If you’re dating a liar, you’ll soon notice that every time he tells a story, the details change. He’ll either omit certain parts or add to it, which is enough to make you wonder if there’s any truth to the story whatsoever. Getting to know someone is not a guessing game so if you notice he has this erratic, storytelling behavior, don’t pursue the relationship any further.
  8. He always finds ways to place the blame on others. A compulsive liar has the darndest time admitting to any fault on his end. They believe that any hardship he’s faced in his life was the responsibility of someone else. Every breakup this guy has had was because of something his ex did. He can’t keep a job because every boss has it out for him. The truth is he was probably a sucky boyfriend and an even suckier employee, but you’ll never hear him say that out loud.
  9. He constantly switches friends. If your guy changes friends like you change your underwear, you may want to reevaluate his role in your life. Our friends tend to be the closest people to us. They know everything about us, sometimes more than family. If he’s constantly changing friends, it’s not because he’s a popular guy, it’s because he doesn’t like to have people too close to him. It could be because he’s hiding something or it could be fear of judgment. Whatever the reason, don’t wreck your heart trying to figure out the issues that he only knows the answers to.
  10. You start to doubt or question everything he says. If you’ve reached this point, chances are you’ve ignored all the warning signs and have stayed too long. No relationship can be successful if you can’t believe a word your partner says. If you are having doubts about him, loss of trust is right around the corner and we all know that trust is a must for a solid relationship. Before matters get worse, make the decision to move on and let him pick up the pieces on his own.
Faith Grady is a mom, freelance writer and self-proclaimed badass.