Condom Gloves Are The Biggest Fashion Statement At Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is upon us, which means we’re yet again being treated to some of the best — as well as some of the most bizarre — sartorial trends. For 2022, it’s been business as usual, with designers pulling out all the stops to get the media talking. Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh have succeeded in this regard, as everyone can’t stop talking about the designers’ condom gloves seen on the runway throughout their show on Wednesday, September 28. If you have no idea what “condom gloves” even are, it’s not just condoms pulled over the hands — these ones are specifically made to be fashionable (if such a thing is possible).

The condom gloves at Paris Fashion Week are certainly eye-catching. The latex was blown out into a rounded baloon shape, filled with liquid, and placed over the hands of the models in order to “bring water to the runway,” according to Botter and Herrebrugh.

The collaboration between the designers on this project was a natural fit. As Botter explained, “Our thinking was, how can we collaborate with nature and not with another fashion brand? This is something that we’ve tried to research deeper and deeper every season.”

How were the condom gloves even made? It’s not as simple as just filling some condoms with water and going. According to the designers, there were “a lot of trials” involved to get them runway-ready.

There’s a message behind the condom gloves. This isn’t just bizarre for the sake of it. In fact, the gloves’ purpose is to bring awareness to the plight of the world’s oceans. “It’s almost bizarre, romantic, mermaid vibes,” Botter explained. There was even a bag made of 100% ice in the collection. Is there anything better than art with a message?

The designers are constantly looking for ways to make their items more earth-friendly. While the new collection utilizes the latest “technology,” they do want their overall brand to rely more heavily on nature in future collections. “This is something that we will start right now, researching new materials, finding new ways of collaborating with nature,” Herrebrugh told AP, as per Yahoo! Finance.

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