Conspiracy Theorist Thinks Dinosaurs Might Be Fake Because ‘Their Bones Aren’t Everywhere’

There are some pretty wild conspiracy theories out there, some of which are pretty harmless and others that make the logical thinkers among us want to scream. For instance, one woman on TikTok has suggested that dinosaurs might be a massive hoax and never existed at all. After all, if they did, wouldn’t we be finding their bones everywhere? (Yes, really.)

  1. We’ve found plenty of dinosaur bones over the years. According to Discover Magazine, human beings have unearthed more than 11,000 dinosaur fossils in the last 200 years alone. That’s not a small number. However, TikToker @queenofeverything0003 disagrees — she thinks it should be much higher.
  2. “Why is it that the average Joe has never dug them up?” she wonders. There’s a pretty simple answer to that: They have. It’s very common, in fact. From small fossils to massive skeletons, there are loads of everyday people who have come across some incredible dinosaur remains. Australia in particular is having a “dinosaur boom” at the moment.
  3. The TikToker’s argument is about more than bones. While her initial complaint was that everyday people aren’t finding bones, she then argued that if a meteor did hurl to earth and kill all the dinosaurs, there shouldn’t be any trace of them. “There wouldn’t be anything left, let alone bones. It’s easy to connect the dots once your eyes are open,” she said. Huh?
  4. Of course, it wasn’t the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. Sure, the meteor hitting earth will have killed a few, but it was actually the aftereffects of the collision that led to a mass extinction. The animals experienced extreme climate change and starvation and eventually died off.
  5. Here’s hoping this woman is just a massive troll. To be fair, she did caption her video with “For entertainment purposes ONLY.” Something tells me she might be having a bit of fun with the gullible viewers out there. Here’s hoping, anyway.

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