Conspiracy Theorists Claim Anne Heche Was Murdered: ‘She Knew Too Much!’

Conspiracy theorists on TikTok have put forward one of their most bizarre claims yet: that Anne Heche, who recently passed away from injuries she suffered after a serious car crash and fire, didn’t die accidentally but that she was actually murdered because “she knew too much.” While it’s no secret that people like this love to make a mockery of such tragic situations, this one has gone a bit too far for many.


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  1. Anne Heche was not murdered. She was sadly under the influence and crashed her car into a two-story home, causing it to catch fire. Heche suffered severe burns over the majority of her body and suffered a traumatic brain injury that meant she had no chance of recovery. Eventually, the decision to turn off her life support was made and she passed away at the age of 53. While there’s nothing to suggest foul play in any way, that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from speculating.
  2. Why do conspiracy theorists think Anne Heche was murdered? One of the ideas floating around social media is that it had to do with the actress’s role in the 2008 movie Toxic Skies, which was about a conspiracy to take out much of the world’s population with a fake pandemic. Another theory claims it has to do with an upcoming role in a movie about human trafficking, with many believing that Anne Heche was murdered for trying to inform the world about the involvement of many of the elites in the world of pedophilia. The movie, however, is still scheduled to be released.
  3. TikTok creators are coming up with some wild stuff just for views. Many people have been uploading videos of themselves voicing silly theories about what could have happened. They’re using footage from the scene that showed Heche allegedly sitting up on a stretcher before she was put into an ambulance, claiming that there was proof the crash could not have been her cause of death. “I’m mean I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it seems like people in Hollywood that work in sex trafficking films end up dead,” one person said, captioning their video: “she knew too much!!!”
  4. Livestreaming site dlive is also full of streams claiming Anne Heche was murdered. Meanwhile, conspiracy theories on sites like Telegram and Rumble have also been spreading misinformation to try and get more people on board. “Anne Heche’s video shows the actress was just fine after the accident, trying to escape the body bag. She was killed for exposing the pedos and this video shows it clearly,” one bot regularly posts in Telegram chats. “Join the expose Bill Gates group to expose them all.”

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