Brides Are Wearing Sneakers Instead Of Heels To Walk Down The Aisle Because Comfort Comes First

If you’re currently planning your wedding or simply hoping to walk down the aisle one day, you may have your perfect dress and accessories in mind, but what about your footwear? If the idea of saying “I do” while your feet are cramped into uncomfortable heels haunts you, you might be pleased to know that women have started to ditch the heels for something more foot-friendly when they walk down the aisle. In fact, Converse has come out with a wedding collection* so you can get married in sneakers instead of heels.

  1. You can always count on Converse for comfort. Sure, I’m getting a little older now and my feet need a little more support than living in Chucks can give me long-term, but I still throw on a pair when I’m just going out for the day and want some comfortable footwear. The idea of getting married in them (so long as they’re broken in a bit first) is basically a dream.
  2. There are tons of designs and colors to choose from. Converse’s wedding collection encompasses dozens of shoes in loads of colors, so you can pick which one suits you (and complements your color palette) the most.
  3. Not only that, but you can get them customized too. You only have to look on Instagram to see how creative people are getting with Converse sneakers on their wedding day. Some people get theirs embossed with sequins and gemstones while others get slogans on theirs that are super cute. Basically, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. You can even personalize them with your wedding date!
  4. They’re not too expensive either. Converse’s wedding sneakers are moderately priced, pretty much like everything else in their line, so you won’t have to shell out an arm and a leg. Weddings are expensive enough, so it helps to cut costs a bit where you can.
  5. It’s not just for women! If you’re thinking that this collection isn’t for you because you’re a dude, think again. Converse sneakers are basically unisex anyway and these are no collection. There are plenty of styles for men (or for gender-neutral people or women who prefer more masculine styles), so not everything is super girly. Go forth and shop, and congrats on the wedding!


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