Convicted Felon Arrested After Posting Facebook Marketplace Ad With Meth In Photo

Convicted Felon Arrested After Posting Facebook Marketplace Ad With Meth In Photo Stone County Jail

A convicted felon was re-arrested after he reportedly posted a Facebook ad with a bag of methamphetamine in the background of the photo featured on the ad. Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader said that James Kertz of Reeds Spring, Missouri was attempting to sell catalytic converters on the social media platform but Kertz made the rookie mistake of forgetting to take the drugs and syringe out of the way before taking a photo to advertise the product for sale.

  1. A concerned citizen turned Kertz in. After the citizen informed police, Rader revealed that his team sprung into action, getting a search warrant to investigate Kertz’s home. When they arrived, he still had 48 grams of meth in his possession as well as a gun, which he is “forbidden to own.”
  2. Kertz apparently had no idea he’d left the meth in view. He told deputies upon their arrival that he didn’t bother to take the photo down since he didn’t even realize he’d left the rugs in view. However, as Rader told KY3-TV, “In the background was a bag containing a white crystal substance and a needle and a spoon laying next to it.” Oops!
  3. Kertz has plenty of previous convictions to his name. He’s previously been convicted of third-degree domestic assault, endangering the welfare of a child, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting arrest. This is just the latest offense he’ll add to his list.
  4. Kertz is being held at Stone County Jail without bond. Jail records show he was charged for possession of controlled substances, marijuana/synthetic cannabinoid, and parole violation.
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