Costco Is Selling 7 Pound Tubs Of Nutella Because You Can Never Have Enough

Nutella is perhaps one of the most delicious foods ever created. It’s chocolatey, nutty, sweet but not too sweet… ugh, I just love it. It goes with so many things, whether it’s toast or pancakes or even bananas and given how quickly I go through a jar, I’m pretty relieved to see that Costco is now selling 7-lb jars of the stuff just for me.

How much Nutella is too much Nutella? That’s a trick question because you can never have enough. The brand already sells jars in  13 oz., 26.5 oz., and 33.5 oz. versions, plus a 1.5 oz mini version that’s not even worth the plastic container it’s filled with since there’s so little Nutella in it. Having a 7-lb bucket full of Nutella is a little more like it.

costco nutellaInstagram/ace_dha

  1. Technically, it’s 6.6 pounds, but we can round up. Yes, you’re missing a few ounces off the 7 pounds, but let’s go with it here. That’s still a delightful 105 oz. of Nutella (by weight, not volume) and should last you, oh, I dunno, a couple of weeks? If you don’t have to share it, that is.
  2. The price makes it even more of a bargain. This massive bucket full of Nutella will run you about $22, which is a total steal considering that individual jars can be a bit pricy on their own and this is like a dozen jars in one.
  3. Just imagine what you could do with all this Nutella. Making dozens of homemade donuts or cinnamon buns? Check! Eating a whole loaf of bread toasted and spread with the stuff? Sure, why not? Sharing it with your friends/family/partner? Eh, I guess if you have to. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame you if you squirreled this away all for yourself. BRB, I gotta hit up the kitchen because I need some Nutella in my life.

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