Nursing Home Creates Life-Sized Game Of ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ For Quarantined Residents

While we’re all feeling a bit of cabin fever while self-isolating, elderly people in nursing homes are under the same strain. That’s why staff at the Bryn Celyn Care Home in Maesteg, Wales decided to cheer residents up by creating a life-sized version of the classic game Hungry Hungry Hippos for them to play. Needless to say, it totally made their day!

  1. The nursing home is under lockdown and the residents are feeling restless. Not only that, but they’re missing their families, who are unable to visit Bryn Ceyln for safety reasons. It’s only natural that they’d be feeling a little fed up at the moment, which is why the Hungry Hungry Hippos game was such a great idea.
  2. The game was simple but amazing. In the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos board game, little plastic hippos are activated by pushing a button which makes their mouths open as they try to collect a load of little plastic balls. At the nursing home, residents and staff played with broomsticks attached to baskets to grab the balls. The results were hilarious and amazing.
  3. Footage from the game was uploaded on Facebook. Not only did the game make residents, staff, and their families and friends smile but also everyone on the internet who got to see them in action. Commenters flocked to the Bryn Celyn Facebook page to leave comments of support and enthusiasm. It was a perfect dose of happiness in the midst of what is a very stressful time.
  4. Bryn Celyn was delighted to make so many people so happy. After seeing the incredible response their Hungry Hungry Hippos video received, the nursing home staff posted an update thanking everyone for their support. “Bryn Celyn is a fantastic place and this is down to all the hard work and dedication of the fantastic team,” they wrote. “I would like to thank each and every one of you for all that you do every day to make our residents happy and safe. There will be some tough times ahead, but I know with the team we have we will get through it together. Keep it up.”
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