Costco Is Selling A Set Of Color-Changing Cold Cups For All Your Summer Drinks

Not too long ago, Starbucks released a set of color-changing tumblers that have proved almost impossible to find in many locations either because they’re not stocked or they’ve already sold out. If you were desperate to get your hands on some but haven’t been able to, never fear! Costco is selling their own set of color-changing cold cups and they’re just as awesome!

You get 12 in a set. That means there are plenty to go around for you, your friends, parents, siblings, or whoever else wants to take part in the color-changing goodness. Not only that, Costco’s cold cups are 24 oz., meaning they’ll hold plenty of your favorite beverage.

There are four different colors to choose from. Costco’s cold cup set comes with four of each color: orange, blue, green, and pink. However, given that they are color-changing cups, even if you don’t get your first choice, you never know – your cup might turn that color when you put your favorite drink in it. The colors change from orange to red, lime to emerald, sky blue to navy, and pink to purple.

People are loving these so much, they’re already sold out online. Because of course they went viral as soon as someone posted them on Instagram, the online stock for Costco’s color-changing cups (which are actually by a business called Manna) are already sold out. However, you may still be able to find them in your local store, so don’t give up hope!

If all else fails, Michaels has their own collection for sale. They’re also sold out online but tons of people are finding them in-store, so you should be able to get a hold of them if you’re quick! Also, Walmart does some really affordable ones too (about $1 a piece) so the next time you’re there, grab a few! You’ll be glad you did.

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