Costco Is Selling Giant Pull-Apart Cinnamon Rolls That Are Delicious Warmed Up Or Cold

In these troubling times, sometimes there’s nothing that can quell our panic and anxiety quite like a baked good. Cookies and cake will do in a pinch, but sometimes you want something a little richer and sweeter, and that’s where Costco’s giant pull-apart cinnamon rolls come into play. They’re huge, decadent, and everything we need in our lives right now.

  1. The whole pan will only cost you $6.99. Sure, you could probably make your own for slightly cheaper, but that’s only if you can manage to find all the ingredients you need on the shelves. Why not let Costco do the grunt work for you and get your delicious cinnamon rolls ready-made? For $6.99 for the whole 12-piece tray, you’re getting a serious bargain.
  2. We thought these would never come back! Many commenters mentioned that their local Costco told them ages ago that pull-apart cinnamon rolls were a thing of the past and they’d never be back. Wrong! Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain spotted them at their local store and immediately grabbed some, just as any sensible person would.
  3. You might want to grab a few trays at a time… I don’t know about you but I’m pretty greedy. Yes, that means I can eat an entire tray of cinnamon rolls all by myself. Not all in one sitting, of course—I do have some self-control (though not much). That being said, much like Joey Tribiani, I don’t like to share food so I’ll be grabbing a couple of these.
  4. They’re delicious warmed or room temp. While the best way to eat Costco’s pull-apart cinnamon rolls is clearly by warming them up in the oven, I don’t think you can really go wrong by eating them room temp either. Hell, even cold they would probably still be delicious. Follow your bliss and get your sugar rush in whatever way feels right, okay?
  5. Grab yours at your local Costco ASAP! Hey, you have to go there to pick up some other essentials, so why not get yourself a treat while you’re at it?
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