Costco Is Selling A Pre-Made Charcuterie Board That’s Perfect For Couch Snacking

Listen, lockdown has been rough on all of us, and if we need to indulge in some additional snacks to get through this international disaster, I say more power to everyone. If Doritos and Snickers are getting a little old and you’re looking to elevate your couch eating game, might I suggest you head to Costco for one of their fruit and cheese boards? They look incredible!


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  1. There’s so much good stuff on here! You can always count on Costco to put together some amazing platters, but this one is one of the best they’ve ever released. It contains strawberries and grapes to help you hit your five-a-day, plus fig jam, almonds, and of course crackers and cheese.
  2. It’s a great mix of cheeses. As you’d expect from a fruit and cheese board, Costco has included a double brie here as well as two hard cheeses. It’s unclear what those are from the photos, but I would imagine a cheddar and perhaps a gouda or manchego. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be delicious.
  3. The price is A+ too. If I’m going to Costco, I expect a bargain and they’re not disappointing here. The items on the fruit and cheese platter are generally charged at $7.99 per pound, meaning the whole thing is about $20, according to Instagrammer @costco_empties, who kindly posted them on their account.
  4. It’s a brand new addition to their offerings! As the original poster mentioned, these fruit and cheese platters only just came to Costco, saying, “They told me at the store that this is brand new today.” All the more reason to head over there even though I have a full house of groceries and plenty of snacks. I can never say no go a delicious cheese board and the fruit helps me pretend it’s halfway decent.
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