Couple Breaks Into Closed Movie Theater To Eat Free Popcorn And Get Down And Dirty

A Russian couple was caught on CCTV breaking into a St. Peterburg movie theater to eat free popcorn and have sex in the cinema. The footage, which was taken at the Kinograd Cinema at the South Pole shopping center on March 18, shows the pair stealing food and drinks from the concessions stand before heading into one of the screening rooms to have sex. They appear to sleep over in the theater as they emerged the following morning without issue.


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  1. How old was that popcorn? Given that the theater was apparently closed for lockdown, something tells me the popcorn the couple helped themselves to wasn’t particularly fresh. That can’t have been very nice to eat!
  2. At least they were polite! According to reports, while security guards never caught the couple in the act, they also didn’t mind too much that they were there given that the couple are said to have “respectfully” cleaned up after themselves before they left. I guess that’s better than if they’d left it a complete mess.
  3. The movie theater management isn’t even mad! While they’ve yet to identify the couple in the CCTV, the management was so impressed with their polite behavior that they want to offer them free tickets to a movie when the theater actually opens again. Of course, that would depend on them coming forward and admitting that they’d broken in!
  4. Many people think the couple shouldn’t be rewarded. After the story broke online, there was some backlash from people who claimed the couple should be punished rather then rewarded for what they did, especially since they technically committed a break-in. They also questioned how good the security could possibly be there that the couple was not only able to stroll on in but to stay there overnight without anyone finding them. Police are said to be looking into the incident.
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