Couple Given Noise Warning After Neighbors Complain About Sex ‘Louder Than A Lawnmower’

A British couple has been hit with a noise warning after neighbors complained that they were “louder than a lawnmower” while having sex. Lydia Barker, 31, and her 40-year-old boyfriend, Billy Brown, will now be monitored by their housing provider in Somerset to make sure the volume is lowered when it comes to their bedroom activities.

  1. Barker and Brown received a letter from their housing association, Stonewater. The letter stated that “you and your partner can be heard having sexual relations” causing their neighbors to be “embarrassed and distressed” by the noise. The letter added: “Please can you address this matter and reduce the noise when engaging in sexual relations as this is affecting other residents. We will monitor this matter for improvement.”
  2. They could end up losing their house if they’re not careful. While Stonewater didn’t explicitly threaten to throw the couple out, they did go on to say that they are prepared to take further action “in order to resolve this matter.”
  3. Barker insisted she’s never had any complaints before. As she told The Sun, she’s “never” been subject to any complaints even though she and her boyfriend do have “morning, noon, and night” sex. “It’s not as if I’m a screamer. I’ve never had any noise issues before,” she explained. “I’d not call my sex sessions extreme… a few moans and groans, of course. We’re doing it morning, noon, and night, but not anti-social hours.”
  4. The couple thinks that their neighbors could have talked to them directly. Instead of complaining, Barker wonders why her neighbors didn’t just knock on the door and ask them to keep the noise down. Barring that, they could have “stuck a polite note on the door.”
  5. The housing association wants all of its tenants to be happy, including Barker and Brown. They said in a statement: “On reflection, the letter we sent to Ms. Barker about what is a very delicate matter does not meet our usual high standards and we hope that it hasn’t caused any embarrassment or distress. We will continue to work with both Ms. Barker and her neighbors to help them live alongside each other amicably while respecting each others’ boundaries.”

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