Crap Single Girl Stereotypes That Have No Basis In Reality

Crap Single Girl Stereotypes That Have No Basis In Reality ©iStock/Freemixer

Single women have it made in a lot of ways — we have the freedom to do whatever, whenever, and we answer to no one but ourselves. While we’re biding our time productively in the absence of love, plenty of people think we’re secretly depressed and pining for our next relationship. That BS stereotype and these 10 seriously need to go.

  1. We’re sad cat ladies. This is the oldest one in a book and it makes zero sense. Pet ownership has nothing to do with your relationship status. Cats are awesome whether you’re single or coupled up, so let’s get rid of this one ASAP.
  2. We float from guy to guy having tons of sex. Believe it or not, being single doesn’t mean that we’re getting tons of action between the sheets; in fact, the exact opposite is often true. While there are periods where single women get the human urge just like everyone to satisfy their cravings, a lot of us can only sleep with men we feel a connection with, which would imply we’re bordering on not being so single anymore, anyway.
  3. Something must be wrong with us. Each and every one of us single girls has a story behind us, and it’s not necessarily a reflection of who we are as people — it just means we haven’t met the right person yet. It’s that simple. We’re not less than or somehow defective because we’re not coupled up.
  4. We’re “too picky.” We all have our own ideas about the kind of guy we want to settle down with, but not having being in a relationship doesn’t mean that our standards are too high. It just means that the people we’ve come across so far don’t align completely, which happens. Remember, both parties have to click mutually. We’ve likely met guys we thought were perfectly suited for us but they just didn’t feel the same way, or vice versa.
  5. We’re not trying hard enough. How exactly does one try to not be single? By dating? By going out with friends hoping to meet someone? Smiling and even sometimes sparking up conversation with a complete stranger? Yeah, we’re doing all of that. What more can we do? Should we put a billboard up somewhere?
  6. We sit alone watching rom-coms and crying over pints of ice cream.  First off, don’t knock the ice cream — it’s delicious. Second, how many times do we have to point out that being single doesn’t mean being sad and alone? It’s more likely we’re out bossing it in life and enjoying what we do have rather than crying over what we don’t.
  7. We’re just dying to get married. Some single women don’t even see marriage as the end result of a relationship — some of us would just like to meet someone amazing to spend the rest of our days with. Plus, not all single women who want to get married are dying to do so immediately. Some of us like to move at turtle speed.
  8. We’re on every dating site 24/7. Dating sites are a way of life now. Why is it that there’s always that poor single girl in every movie these days who’s portrayed as sweatpants-wearing, waiting by the phone, obsessively searching and talking about her dating profile type of single? Is this what people really think? Because it’s complete and total BS. We might have a profile on one or two apps, but chances are we’re getting more messages than we send.
  9. We’re thirsty for any kind of affection. Just because we’re single doesn’t mean that we need the “D” or that we need to be cuddled for hours after sex. Most of us have toys in the absence of a relationship, and we want something better than just a random night of thrusting.
  10. We don’t have room for love in our lives. Single girls may have filled the spaces of their lives where a relationship would go, but for the right person, compromise and opening ourselves up will come naturally. Don’t assume that just because we seem to be busy with all the things we love that we don’t want to make room for someone to love, as well.