Creepy ‘Smile’ Movie Trailer Is So Terrifying, People Are ‘Dropping Their Phones’ Watching It Paramount Pictures

Creepy ‘Smile’ Movie Trailer Is So Terrifying, People Are ‘Dropping Their Phones’ Watching It

The trailer for the new horror movie Smile has been released, and it’s so creepy that fans are “dropping their phones” in terror while watching it. Something tells me this might be just what fans of scary movies need for Halloween this year…

The Smile trailer lays it all out. The movie is about a doctor named Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), who has to confront some darkness in her past if she wants to make it through the things she’s soon to face. The issue is there seems to be someone or something constantly smiling at her, but it’s certainly less than friendly.

People are freaking out about how good this looks. More than 18 million people have watched the trailer for Smile on YouTube, with thousands of horror fans taking to the comments to express their fear and excitement. “I’m a horror fan, I’ve literally seen it all (like most people). However the one thing, literally the one thing I CANNOT deal with is creepy smiles and unmoving, staring people. This film, if done well, could be truly excellent and horrifying,” one person wrote. Another added: “This actually looks really good and really scary. Something about sinister smiles in horror movies makes my stomach drop.”

Some people are a little too scared. While horror fans will no doubt love the darkness that the Smile trailer promises to deliver, some people may be a bit too freaked out. “I just threw my phone WHAT,” one commenter admitted. Another said: “I can’t lie, the last scene actually made me punch the air as if she was right there in front of my face.”

Despite just how scary this looks, it promises to be really popular with fans. As one person noted: “The first time I saw this trailer it was night, my room was dark, and I was listening to this on headphones, the music scared me and the visuals in this trailer spooked me, and then the last scene made me scream in my chair. I haven’t felt this level of terror in quite a while for a movie, I am so excited for this now.” Super exciting!

Smile will be released in theaters in the US on September 30, and in the UK on September 28.

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