Creme Savers Hard Candies Are Officially Coming Back After A Decade-Long Hiatus Mars Wrigley

Creme Savers Hard Candies Are Officially Coming Back After A Decade-Long Hiatus

If you’re old enough to remember Creme Savers, congrats – you’re old (just like me). I grew up loving these bad boys. They were the perfect alternative to Werther’s Originals (also a classic) and those orange ones were so good, I could basically go through a bag in a single sitting. Sadly, they went off the market more than a decade ago, meaning the present generation of youngsters is seriously missing out. Well, they were until now. Mars Wrigley has announced that Creme Savers hard candy is coming back!

creme savers candyMars Wrigley

You have Iconic Candy to thank for the resurrection. They’re the ones who really pushed for Creme Savers to come back, and thankfully, Mars Wrigley listened. With pretty much everyone having an appetite for nostalgia, this is the perfect timing!

The new Creme Savers will be available in two flavors. Back in the day, you used to be able to get them in all kinds of flavors, like dessert-inspired flavors and tropical and fruit flavors. However, for 2021, we’re focusing on the best of the best: Orange & Creme and Strawberry & Creme.

When will they be back? Thankfully, there’s not too much longer to wait. Creme Savers will hit the candy aisle at all your favorite stores beginning in September 2021, which is only a few days away. It doesn’t seem as though this is a limited-edition release, so if you don’t grab them immediately, don’t worry. They’ll hopefully be around for a long time to come, so you have time to get some. Whew – what a relief!

Sadly, you’ll need to head to Big Lots to grab them. They’ll be available at all 1,414 Big Lots stores across 47 states. If you live in one of the three states without them, you’ll need to take a little road trip. Worth it! Go forth and eat some Creme Savers. I promise they’re delicious and some of the best candy ever.

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