These Crocheted Plants Are Perfect For Anyone Who Can’t Keep The Real Thing Alive

Listen, keeping plants alive can be a major challenge. Some of them are downright needy, and if you forget to water them or take them out of the sun/put them into the sun for a couple of days, the results can be catastrophic. If you’re tired of pretending you have a green thumb when you really, really don’t, then you might be interested in these crocheted plants by Etsy store KnotMonster that stay will live a long and happy life regardless of how much attention you pay them.

First things first: you’ll need a little skill. I should start by saying that KnotMonsters is actually selling PDF patterns for crocheted plants rather than the finished products. That means you’ll need to already know how to crochet or be prepared to learn, which could be actually fun. It has to be easier than keeping plants alive, right?

The PDF includes patterns for 12 different crocheted plants. KnotMonster isn’t missing anything out here, and a single purchase will give you the patterns to make Succulent Echeveria, Sansevieria, Lucky Bamboo, Aloe Vera, Palm Tree, Venus Fly Trap, Tree, Succulent Sedum, Bonsai Tree, and three different hanging plants. Pretty sweet, right? They’re all absolutely adorable and worth making!

You don’t even have to wait for the postman. An even better part of the patterns for these crocheted plants is that as soon as you buy them, they’ll immediately appear in your inbox without delay and you can download and get working. As long as you have worsted yarn on hand and some spare time, the fun can begin ASAP!

If you’re not into plants (how dare you!), KnotMonster has loads of other patterns you might like. The store includes PDF patterns for sushi, balloon animals, human organs, animals, and sports items. What are you waiting for? And, given that each of the pattern books is less than $10, you’ll probably want to buy a bunch. Happy crocheting!

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