8 Signs You’re In A Cuffing Season Relationship & Will Be Single By Spring

Cooler weather brings some amazing things like Halloween and Christmas, pumpkin spice lattes, and the ability to walk down the block without drowning in a puddle of your own sweat. Unfortunately, it also brings cuffing season, that wonderful time of year when you don’t know whether the dudes you date are actually into you or just don’t want to be alone while it’s cold out.

Here are the signs you’re being cuffed and he’ll dump you by spring.

  1. He’s a bit TOO excited about the holidays. He’s super keen to do things that revolve around the holidays. Whether it’s dressing up for a Halloween party, going ice skating at the local rink, or going sledding once the first snow hits, he’s all about cold weather outings. However, getting him excited about anything not holiday related is an impossible task. He wants you around to partake in the autumn/winter bliss and that’s about it.
  2. His date ideas are limited to staying in and cuddling. A guy who’s actually into you will be excited to plan fun, romantic dates to show you how he feels. However, a guy who’s cuffing you will settle for watching Netflix on the couch, ordering some Chinese, and having a cuddle. After all, he only wants you there to while away the colder months, so why should he put in any extra effort?
  3. He can’t seem to make plans past the winter months. While he’s happy to book activities through January, mentioning things you’d like to do from February onwards is always met with a blank stare and a muttered excuse about how he’s just not sure what’s going on then and you should think about it later. That’s because he won’t be with you by then.
  4. He doesn’t seem keen on introducing you to his family or friends. If you’ve been dating for a while and the guy still keeps you away from the people closest to him, there’s a problem. The only explanation is that he doesn’t plan on keeping you around long-term, so there’s no reason to integrate you into his life to that extent. Sucks but true.
  5. His typical wardrobe when you’re together consists of sweatpants and old t-shirts. When you first start a new relationship, you’re generally keen to impress each other by looking your best. That doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines, but it does mean putting a moderate amount of care into your appearance. If all he manages to wear when you’re together is old sweatpants and ratty t-shirts, he doesn’t care about truly winning you over. You’re there for now, and that’s all that matters.
  6. He’s been single since last winter. It’s healthy to take space between relationships, but if he admits he’s been playing the field since the beginning of the previous spring, that’s a little suspicious. What are the chances he just happened to end his last relationship as soon as winter was over? Sorry, it’s not good news.
  7. The most intimate thing you do together is have sex. Regular sex with the person you’re dating is a definite relationship perk, but it shouldn’t be the only thing keeping you going. If he avoids having deep conversations and prefers to keep the closeness between you physical, it’s probably because he knows it’ll be easier to break off in 2019.
  8. He’s shady with his phone/laptop. If he’s secretive with his phone or computer, he could be cheating on you now or he could be simply keeping his options open so that when he dumps you when winter’s over, he can easily jump back into the scene and be onto the next one. What a jerk.
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