Curly Eyelashes Are A Beauty ‘Trend’ We Should All Agree Never To Try

We’ve all seen some tacky and downright terrible beauty trends in our time, but curly eyelashes may be the worst one yet. Thankfully, I’m using “trend” pretty loosely here—this seems to be a one-off thing created by Instagram user @sofiepeterseen, who’s since realized the error of her ways and deleted the images. You have to hand it to her for coming up with such a hilariously horrifying concept!

curly eyelashesInstagram/sofiepeterseen

There’s just so much wrong with this. If you’re into makeup/beauty, chances are you want your lashes to look amazing. Maybe you use a falsies-type mascara, or you have actual lash extensions, and I bet they look bomb. However, I think we can all agree that eyelashes are meant to have a slight curl outward at the edges, end of. Lashes that look basically permed are horrifying.

They look a little like… well, you know. The original poster herself captioned one of the photos “puberty isn’t over” and if I wasn’t already gagging, I was after reading that. Why on earth would you want to wear something that looks like pubic hair on your face? Make it stop!

At least they look super fake. I think it would probably be even worse if they looked real. The concept of curly eyelashes is horrifying at its root, but the fact that these don’t look like real hair in any way is at least very vaguely comforting.

Thankfully, I don’t think we’ll be seeing this look taking over the beauty world anytime soon. Pretty much everyone can agree that this is NOT a good look for anyone. Yes, it’s funny and cringeworthy and the stuff of nightmares, but it’s also something I never want to have to look at again and hopefully will be able to forget in the future. Kudos to you, @sofiepeterseen for coming up with something so disturbing that gets people talking (even if it’s talking about how awful curly eyelashes are, haha).

curly eyelashesInstagram/sofiepeterseen


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