You Can Get A Custom Face Mask With The Rest Of Your Own Face On It

I don’t think anyone loves wearing face masks, but we know we need to do it in order to protect ourselves and others while coronavirus is still spreading rapidly throughout society. However, they’re not exactly the most stylish of things and they don’t allow you to express yourself in the same way… until now, that is. Danielle Baskin has created a custom face mask that is printed with the rest of your actual face and it’s incredible!

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Wearing my second face. #maskalike #selfiemask

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  1. Maskalike has a pretty unique USP. While many people are making masks these days as a way to make money, Baskin’s company, Maskalike, has the unique selling point of offering selfie masks in which the mask is printed with the bottom half of your face (or anyone else’s).
  2. Admittedly, they are a little freaky. It’s slightly unsettling to walk past someone who’s wearing a mask but the mask doesn’t look any different to their actual face underneath (or what you would expect their face to look like). You’ll definitely get a few people having to look twice to make sure you’re wearing a mask at all.
  3. You can get anyone’s face you want, really. While it’s probably best to get your own face to assure symmetry and to really freak people out, you could theoretically get, I dunno, the bottom half of Channing Tatum’s face or Kylie Jenner’s face. The choice really is yours!
  4. Unfortunately, they’re all sold out at the moment. As you can imagine, a custom face mask like this has proved pretty popular and Maskalike’s offerings are totally unavailable at the moment. However, the company is nearly ready to ramp up business and you can sign up via their website to be emailed when that time comes. We’ll probably need to wear masks for a long time to come, so these will definitely get their use!

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