I’m Cute As Hell & Really Awesome, So Why Can’t I Get A Date?

Don’t get me wrong, I love rolling solo and not having to worry about guy drama, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bit frustrated by the fact that I can’t seem to get a date to save my life. I’m pretty cool if I do say so myself, so what gives?

I “put myself out there” nonstop.

Not to the point of desperation or anything, but I’m a pretty social person so I’m always happy to strike up conversations with strangers in bars or whatever. I’m on a couple of dating apps and check in a few times a week but I only seem to get messages from creeps. I try to display body language that tells single guys that I’m also available and totally open to being approached but it’s just not happening.

I definitely don’t need a guy to be happy.

By that I mean that I’m not hanging my happiness on a relationship. My life is already full and fulfilling as-is, but it’d be nice to add an awesome partner to the equation. I feel like I’ve mastered the whole self-love thing, which should make finding someone else to love a little easier, right?

I don’t play games and always say exactly what I mean.

I’m not here for all that playground BS—games are for kids and I left school years ago. When I like a guy, I’m upfront about it. If something bothers me, I say it straight up. I don’t try to make a guy guess how I feel or give him the silent treatment when he doesn’t act the way I want. I make it as uncomplicated as possible for them but I guess dudes are more drawn to drama?

I’m not clingy—I need my space.

I don’t freak if a guy hasn’t texted me back in five minutes and I certainly don’t want to hang out every night of the week. I have my own stuff going on so while I’d totally make the right guy a priority in my life, he won’t be the only one. I thought guys valued their space and that someone like me would make an ideal girlfriend but I guess not…

I’m pretty sure I don’t even want to get married.

I’m not trying to get a ring on my finger within a few months of dating. I’m not down for jumping in head first with daydreams of being some dude’s wife floating around in the back of my mind. I don’t picture our future kids’ names or scribble his last name after my first one. I love living in the moment and seeing where things go. That’s supposed to be a good thing!

Appearances aren’t everything but I do take pride in mine.

Beauty is more than skin deep and I don’t think physical appearances are anywhere near the most important thing in relationships, but I do take good care of myself—for me. I go to the gym, I eat well, I stay groomed and am comfortable rocking a full face of makeup or none at all. In other words, I think I’m moderately attractive—not a supermodel but not a slob either. Where are the takers?

I’m confident without being arrogant.

I know my worth and I’m not about to get with just any guy for the sake of not being on my own. I’m a fun, passionate person who would make a great girlfriend to an equally excellent guy. I haven’t found one yet, but I know he’s out there and when he comes along, I’ll be around, out there living my best life all on my own.


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