Dad Bans 18-Year-Old Son’s Friends From Coming Over Because They Always Hit On His 14-Year-Old Sister

A frustrated dad has banned his 18-year-old son’s friends from coming over to the family home because they regularly hit on the son’s 14-year-old sister. The man took to Reddit’s AITA sub to ask if he was in the wrong for barring the young men from the house for repeatedly badgering the girl despite knowing her young age. Pretty much everyone applauded the father for his decision, remarking that if the son doesn’t like the rules, he should move out and into his own place.

  1. The son wasn’t even sticking up for his sister. As several commenters noted, they would have expected an older brother to be more protective of a younger sister. Most big bros certainly wouldn’t allow their friends to make sexual comments about their sisters regardless of their age, but especially not when they’re basically still children. Why did he think this was acceptable?
  2. The way the son’s friends acted was terrible. “It is disgusting to see the way they act around her and treat her,” the dad noted in the post, adding that it was so bad at times, he felt the need to install a “lock on her door that couldn’t be tampered with from the outside.” However, one incident was so bad, he knew he had to bar the boys from the house indefinitely.
  3. They simply had to go. “She was sitting on the couch and his friend came downstairs and sat by her because he thought she was the only one awake and started asking her if she was ‘really only 14,'” the man wrote. “He asked several times and kept telling her she ‘didn’t look 14’ before I walked out of the kitchen and said ‘yes, she is 14. now leave her be.’ I called Brennan (my son) down and told him he needed to have his friend leave.” What is wrong with these boys?
  4. They “flirt endlessly with her.” The father thinks he’s got every right to ban his son’s friends from coming over given that they’re always harassing the girl and won’t leave her alone regardless of how many times they’re told to. His son disagrees, saying it’s “unfair” and that since he’s 18, he can do whatever he wants.
  5. Everyone on Reddit is behind the dad. As one commenter wrote: “At [the] very least, your son’s friends are extremely disrespectful and have no sense of boundaries. My older brother would have torn his friends to pieces if they were pulling this crap to me (Same age difference as your son and daughter). It was an unwritten rule to look out for your buddies’ little sisters. Trying to flirt with a friend’s little sister was never ok. ESPECIALLY if they are 14 and you’re 18. Your son’s friends don’t respect her, your son, or you and your wife/home.” Other commenters echoed this sentiment. Overall, this seems like a pretty cut and dry situation.
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