Dad Batters Pervert Relative Found Naked From The Waist Down In Kids’ Room

Dad Batters Pervert Relative Found Naked From The Waist Down In Kids’ Room Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office

A father of two young children aged two and three flew into a rampage when he discovered a relative naked from the waist down in the kids’ room when he went to check on them one night, beating the man to a pulp before alerting police. Thankfully, the pervert was arrested!

  1. Mark Stanley is thankfully in jail. The 60-year-old was visiting family members in Spotsylvania, Virginia and tried to prey on the children in the dead of night when he had less of a chance of being cult. Thankfully, the kids’ father did catch him and brought him to justice.
  2. Stanley tried to lock the dad out. According to investigators, when Stanley realized that the father had caught him in the bedroom, he pushed the dad out and locked the door. Fortunately, the father was able to force his way back into the room and began trying to physically subdue the abuser.
  3. It could have ended much worse. The children could have been seriously harmed and frankly, Stanley could have been dead, according to the scene police discovered. “In the early morning hours of December 29, 2019, deputies with the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office responded to a disturbance at a residence in the 6800 block of Luce Lane in Spotsylvania County,” they wrote in a post on Facebook. “Upon their arrival, they were encountered with a chaotic scene and an older male with severe injuries to his face, later identified as Mark Stanley. Upon entry into the home, deputies also encountered a male displaying a handgun quickly approaching the older gentleman. Deputies quickly engaged the male giving him commands to drop the weapon, which he did.”
  4. Stanley got treatment for his injuries and then was taken straight to jail. The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s office took Stanley to a local hospital for treatment for his severely battered face before transporting him to Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond. The kids were also taken to the hospital for examination and to ensure they were okay. They were kept for observation while Stanley was charged with two counts of indecent liberties and one count of domestic assault.

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