This ‘Dad Bods And Rescue Dogs’ Calendar Is The Charitable Stocking Stuff You Need

Dad bods are all the rage these days. Who needs some chiseled hunk when you can have a totally average looking dude who’s not too vain to eat an entire pizza with you in one sitting? Even better is when these guys love dogs too — it’s basically the ultimate combination. That’s why this calendar full of guys with dad bods posing with rescue dogs is so genius!

Scroll down to read more about the Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs 2020 calendar as well as see some of the other amazing images included in it.

dad bods rescue dogsLyndsey's Photo Co

It’s not only adorable but it’s for a great cause too! Lyndsey Wright is the photographer behind the images in the calendar, which was made to help raise money for Lucky Bulldogs Rescue. The organization already has several rescue dogs in need of a home, and the more money they’re able to raise via sales of the calendar, the more pups they can save!

Lucky Bulldogs Rescue Board Member Stacy Perkins came up with the idea. After all, who wouldn’t want a 12-month calendar full of images of volunteer dudes with dad bods and gorgeous little French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs? It’s a genius idea and certainly a creative one, and thus the Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs 2020 calendar was born!

For $20, the calendar is a total steal. Wright isn’t just a photographer, she’s one of four co-founders of Lucky Bulldogs Rescue. The organization wants to save as many brachycephalic (that means short snout for us laymen) dogs as possible and find them loving forever homes. 100% of the sales of the calendar help enable that mission, so we should be buying as many as possible!

Rescuing dogs isn’t easy but it’s incredibly rewarding work. As Wright told Scary Mommy, “All our dogs are fostered in the homes of volunteers who work hard to gain the dogs’ trust and teach them that positive human interaction is possible while also maintaining medical care and sometimes dealing with dogs with special needs.” Many of the dogs they rescue have been overbred, so helping them live a more pampered and relaxed life is of the utmost importance.

Seriously, you need to buy the calendar. Whether you’re grabbing one for yourself or picking up some for colleagues, family members, friends, or any other dog lover in your life, the Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs calendar is not only a hilarious and aww-inducing gift, it’s also one that serves a great cause. Buy yours HERE.

Lyndsey's Photo Co

dad bods rescue dogsLyndsey's Photo Co

Lyndsey's Photo Co

Lyndsey's Photo Co

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