Dad Builds Daughters Insane Backyard Playhouse With Its Own Balcony And Front Porch

Growing up, I always wished I had a backyard playhouse. We didn’t have the money or the room for one, but it was definitely a dream of mine. However, never in my wildest could I have thought up the gorgeous playhouse one dad made for his daughters. Not only does it basically look like a real adult house, it even has its own front porch, balcony, and hanging plants. These are some lucky little girls, for sure!

  1. This is the backyard playhouse of dreams. Adam Boyd of Highland, Michigan spent his free time building the house for 5-year-old Avery and 2-year-old Violet in their backyard. Luckily, he’s the head of a construction company called ATB Building Inc. so he wasn’t short of the skills needed to create this beautiful house.
  2. This sounds so good, even I want to live in it! This incredible playhouse is 24 feet tall and not only has its own front porch and balcony, it also has a slide, a rock wall, an outdoor swing set, and so many incredible details inside like a kitchenette and chalkboards to draw on. Hard to believe something so incredible fits in the family’s backyard!
  3. It was a labor of love for Adam. “If love was a building, this is how I would built it,” Adam wrote onĀ Facebook along with photos of the house. “Here is the playhouse I built for my little princesses.” No doubt it’s something his daughters will love and enjoy for many years to come. Not to mention it’s sure to make them the envy of everyone in the neighborhood! “A lot of people, friends and family included, thought I was nuts for doing what I did, but I’m very satisfied with the outcome,” Adam told ABC News. “I’m happy to watch them play in it, and play in it with them. It’s worth every penny I’ve spent and it’s gonna be there forever.”
  4. Now he wants to help other families live the dream too. His company is offering a service to build similar houses for other families who might like an extravagant backyard playhouse of their own. Something tells me he’s going to be busy for a long time to come.

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