Dad Convicted For Murder Of Teen Daughters In ‘Honor Killing’ For Being ‘Too Americanized’

Dad Convicted For Murder Of Teen Daughters In ‘Honor Killing’ For Being ‘Too Americanized’ Irving Police Department

An Egyptian man has finally been convicted of murder for shooting his two teenage daughters dead in 2008 in an “honor killing.” Yasar Said, 65, lived in Dallas, Texas when he took the lives of 18-year-old Amina Said and 17-year-old Sarah Said for being “too Americanized.” Now, 12 years later, he’s finally facing justice.

  1. Said received an automatic life sentence for his crimes. Prosecutors didn’t pursue the death penalty in this case, meaning Said will have the rest of his life behind bars to think about what he’d done.
  2. He never admitted his crimes. He took the stand on Monday and denied all responsibility for killing his daughters. Instead, he claimed they were “certainly” alive when he left them in a taxi on the evening of their deaths and ran away because he worried he was being followed.
  3. Said’s story just doesn’t add up. Said, who works as a cab driver, said he and his daughters were going to dinner when he left the girls in his taxi and got on a bus going in the opposite direction to flee whoever he believed was following him. They were found shot to death in the taxi in the parking lot of the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving on New Year’s Day 2008.
  4. One of his daughters called 911 before she and her sister died. Sarah Said called for help, claiming that her father had shot her and she was dying. “Help, my dad shot me! I’m dying!” she told the 911 operator. Sarah had been shot nine times and Amina was shot twice. Investigators believe Amina was killed instantly.
  5. The girls and their mother had run away from Said a week before. They left their home in the suburbs of Dallas and went to Oklahoma to get away from Said, with the sisters’ boyfriends coming along. According to prosecutors, they had become “very scared for their lives” and chose to run away after their father “put a gun to Amina’s head and threatened to kill her.”
  6. Their mother, Patricia Owens, never thought Said would be capable of such violence. However, Said wrote in a letter presented in court that he was unhappy about his daughters’ “dating activity,” though he stopped short of admitting murder.

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