Dad Grabs Dying Son’s Gun And Continues Shootout With Police Officer

As a 24-year-old man who got into a shootout with a New York City police officer lay dying on the streets of the Bronx, his father picked up his son’s gun and continued the fight. While he ultimately wasn’t hit, he’s now facing a lengthy jail sentence and has lost a child.

  1. Mike Rosado was caught shooting a man just after 4 a.m. Two off-duty NYPD officers saw the son, Mike, shooting a man on Valentine Avenue after he and his father, Raphael Rosado, 45, got into an argument with a group of people. As a resident told police, as per Yahoo: “It was more than ten shots I heard. When I came to the window they was still banging, ‘Bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, it stopped then, ‘Bop, bop, bop.'”
  2. The officers identified themselves before telling Mike to drop the gun. Instead, Mike pointed the gun at the officers and started firing, though his shots thankfully all missed. It was at this point that the officers fired back, with one bullet striking Mike in the chest.
  3. Police tried to save Mike’s life. As NYPD Chief of Patrol, Juanita Holmes, said at a press conference: “Immediately after shooting, the officers began rendering aid to the 24-year-old male.” Emergency services was contacted and called to the scene.
  4. Mike’s dad, Raphael, picked up Mike’s gun. He then began firing at officers just as his son had done. No one was struck, even when police fired back at the dad. He was eventually arrested and taken into custody.
  5. Raphael has a history of trouble with the law. According to police records, he has 60 prior arrests for crimes including drug possession and assault and weapon possession. However, no noe believed he was violent. “I wouldn’t say he was a bad (man) but he got into a lot of trouble,” a friend of Raphael’s said.”Sounds kind of like a father protecting his son. … It’s sad but it happened.”
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