Dad Married Daughter After She Won ‘Competition’ With Sister To Have Sex With Him

Dad Married Daughter After She Won ‘Competition’ With Sister To Have Sex With Him Hall County Jail

With the internet and social media in particular, it seems like we’re bombarded with outrageous and downright disturbing stories on almost a daily basis, and this one is no exception. A 21-year-old woman named Samantha Kershner had sex with her biological father, Travis Fieldgrove, and then married him in what began as a “jealous competition with her half-sister” to see who could have sex with him first. Uh, WHAT?!

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  1. Kershner never knew her father growing up. She was raised by her mother and is reported to have met Fieldgrove, now 40, when she was 17 after begging her mother for the identity of her father. They met soon after and according to both Kershner and Fieldgrove, they had a pretty normal father-daughter relationship for the first three years.
  2. Then things went very, very wrong. While neither Kershner nor Fieldgrove would reveal when things changed between them, Kershner did admit to authorities that the first time she had sex with her father in September 2018 was because of a competition she had with her half-sister to see who could do it first. Yes, seriously. After that, they continued their romantic relationship and even got married.
  3. They got married in October 2018. After police received reports of incest and began investigating their relationship, Kershner and Fieldgrove took a trip to the Adams County Courthouse in Hastings so they could get married, thinking this would save them from getting in trouble, one assumes. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.
  4. They were both arrested and charged. Kershner and Fieldgrove were arrested and charged with one count of incest. However, Kershner’s willingness to plead no contest to misdemeanor charges of false reporting meant that she escaped going to prison and was instead put on probation for nine months. Fieldgrove wasn’t so lucky—he was sentenced to two years behind bars and after he’s released, he won’t be allowed to contact Kershner at all.
  5. Fieldgrove claims he didn’t believe Kershner was his daughter. Unfortunately, a DNA test later proved that the chances were 99.999% conclusive that she actually is. Because of this, his attorney claims that he’s embarrassed about the affair and wishes it had never happened. “Fieldgrove is embarrassed by the offense and wishes that it had never happened,” his defense attorney Joel Loeffler told the Omaha World-Herald. In addition, Fieldgrove suffers from a brain injury and is not a ‘high-functioning’ person.”
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