Dad Shaves Daughter’s Head After She Bullies Girl With Cancer And Pulls Off Her Wig

A furious dad has shaved his 16-year-old daughter’s head to teach her a lesson after she bullied a girl battling cancer and pulled off her wig. In a now-deleted Reddit post, the man revealed that his daughter got in trouble at school after she made fun of the student who had lost her hair via cancer treatment. She went so far as to pull the girl’s wig off as part of her bullying. Since the daughter showed no remorse, the dad figured the only way to teach her a lesson was to be much more direct.

  1. The girls didn’t get along previously. However, as the father pointed out, having “bad blood” with someone doesn’t excuse the daughter’s behavior. They were apparently fighting because the daughter is dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend and they’d been at odds ever since. “Not how I’ve raised my daughter to treat people and it truly disgusted me to hear how she acted from her deputy principle,” he wrote.
  2. The girl didn’t seem to think what she’d done was wrong. In fact, she doubled down on what she did and said the girl in question deserved it. By this point, the dad had enough.
  3. He gave his daughter two options. There was no way the man was going to let this situation go, so he gave the teen two options. One, she could throw away every single electronic she owned – phone, computer, etc. – and he would never buy her anymore. Two, she could go to the hairdresser and have her entire head shaved. Oh, and she doesn’t get a wig – she goes to school like that until it grows back. She ended up choosing that option.
  4. The teen’s mother thinks the dad went “way overboard.” As he shared in the post, “Her mother went ballistic at me saying it will make her the target of bullying (kind of the point, teach her some compassion).” Keep in mind the dad has full custody of his daughter as his ex-wife has “moved on with her new family,” which is why he didn’t consult her.
  5. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, the dad has no regrets. “I came up with the punishment because I thought my daughter had an extreme lack of empathy for the girl she bullied,” he says. “My daughter knows this and that is what really disgusted me with her behavior. It demonstrated a complete and utter lack of empathy. I hoped that her going to school bald and walking a mile in the other girl’s shoes would teach her a lesson.”
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