The Daily Struggles Of Being An Indecisive Woman

The Daily Struggles Of Being An Indecisive Woman ©iStock/Stock_colors

The only thing an indecisive woman knows for sure is that she can’t decide on much of anything. Trying to make the right choices on a daily basis hurts your brain like a bad hangover. If any of these struggles apply to you, just know you’re in good company:

  1. Deciding what to eat feels impossible. Being at a restaurant and having a three-page menu staring you in the face should be considered cruelty. Is it going to be just the meal, or the meal and the appetizer, and then which one? Should you stick with the healthy option or go for it and get the unhealthy? No matter what you pick, you’re going to regret it the minute you see someone else’s meal. The food anguish is literally an endless nightmare for you, and let’s face it, everyone around you too.
  2. You can’t decide whether to go out or to stay home. The constant struggle between needing social interaction and actually wanting it seems to be a recurring theme. Not only that, but thinking about the pile of decisions that need to be made ahead of a night out is enough to make you crazy. Just when you’re about to give up and have a movie night at home, you realize you’ll have to pick the movie. Great.
  3. You never have anything to wear. While deciding what to wear is nearly impossible, deciding you hate everything you own happens pretty quickly. Nothing looks quite right, or nothing works for the occasion. And what if the weather changes, or all your friends are wearing dresses? How can anyone possibly plan for that? You must be mentally prepared to try on every single thing you own, and then try it on one more time before any decisions are reached. This is serious business.
  4. If you do go out, you can’t be expected to plan it. This can’t be stressed enough. When you have actually made the decision to go out and pushed through all the decisions that go along with it, for the love of God, they can’t expect you to make a bigger decision. You’ve already had to do your hair, pick your makeup, and go through every clothing option imaginable; you simply can’t handle the pressure of planning the night.
  5. Shopping! It doesn’t matter what you’re buying, you’re still going to weigh out every option for hours. Even something as simple as new toothpaste requires price comparisons, review checking, and outweighing the benefits of one to the other. Big shopping decisions are usually made after a ton of arguing with yourself about whether you actually need it, or if you even like it that much. It’s also pretty much a guarantee that you’ll change your mind the minute you get home.
  6. Texting a crush is a group effort. Figuring out what he actually means to say, and if he actually means it is mind-boggling. Then there’s the deliberation over your response, and how to play it cool. Friends are always necessary in this department, even though you’ll probably argue with them in case they’re wrong. You’re also really hoping the boy in question is a fantastic decision maker because the last thing you need is for him to ask, “So, what do you want to do tonight?”
  7. Major life decisions are agonizing. When just picking an outfit in the morning is an uphill battle, thinking about major life decisions is like climbing Everest. Constantly racking your brain trying to decide which school to go to, which career path to take, where to live, and what type of guy to marry are mildly terrifying. Even when and if you do decide, you’ll probably wonder if you’ve made the right choice, and begin all over again. Planning the day is one thing, but planning your life is another beast altogether. Oh, how real the struggle is.