Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back Their Cotton Candy Blizzard For The Ultimate Summer Treat

Dairy Queen Is Bringing Back Their Cotton Candy Blizzard For The Ultimate Summer Treat Dairy Queen

I’ll be honest: I’ve never met a DQ dessert I didn’t love. However, one of my favorite treats is one that’s been off the menu for a while now: the Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Blizzard. It was the perfect combo of sweet ingredients and I missed it dearly. Luckily I don’t have to miss it anymore because they’re bringing it back for the summer!

  1. It’s seriously good, you guys. Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy Blizzard consists of their delicious signature soft serve with cotton candy sprinkles mixed in, meaning it not only looks magical but tastes it too. It’s definitely one of my favorite concoctions they’ve ever come up with!
  2. Every time it comes back, people flip out. While not a permanent fixture on the Dairy Queen menu, every time they bring it back, which has happened a few times over the years, people lose their minds over it. You only need to look on Instagram to see how many people absolutely love the Cotton Candy Blizzard.
  3. It’s around for another summer! DQ already announced a Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard for its Summer 2020 menu which was amazing enough, but bringing back Cotton Candy on top of it? They’re seriously spoiling us this year. Life is pretty stressful right now but being able to take a few minutes to sit back and enjoy a sugary treat is always a welcome experience.
  4. If you need more cotton candy goodness, there’s a dipped cone too! In case Dairy Queen Blizzards aren’t your thing but you still love cotton candy, you can always get one of their Cotton Candy Dipped Cones which, to be fair, look equally as yummy.
  5. These treats are available now, so you know what to do! Get down to your local Dairy Queen and grab your ice cream of choice ASAP. I promise it’ll cheer you up.

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