Dairy Queen Is Selling A Cotton Candy-Dipped Cone Just In Time For Spring

Dairy Queen Is Selling A Cotton Candy-Dipped Cone Just In Time For Spring Dairy Queen

I know that with the winter weather still in full force, it’s hard to think about the warmer days ahead but they’re coming, I swear. And with the warmer temperatures comes ice cream weather (not that there’s ever a bad time for ice cream, in my book). Dairy Queen is obviously on the same page as they’ve released a cotton candy dipped cone just in time for spring and it looks delicious!

  1. This new Dairy Queen treat was rumored to be coming a few months back. People have been talking about the possibility of a cotton candy dipped cone all the way back in October 2019. While there was nothing confirmed all the time, people are actually spotting the product in the wild now, so it’s a sure thing!
  2. It’s just like all their dipped cones only even better. Dairy Queen is no stranger to dipped cones, the topping of which turns hard as it “dries.” The cotton candy one is pretty much the same thing: a bright blue dip that turns into a crunchy-ish shell over their standard vanilla soft serve.
  3. It’s not available at all Dairy Queen locations just yet. While DQ has confirmed to Delish that the cotton candy dipped cone is starting to pop up at some locations in the franchise, it’s not at all of them quite yet. Instead, it will be released nationwide March 19, so we don’t have too long to wait! In fact, it’s already listed on their online menu so you know it’s not that far away.
  4. For the calorie counters among us, it’s a nice little treat. While you probably shouldn’t order one of these every day, a small Cotton Candy Dip, as it’s being called, will run you 330 calories. The large is 650, so save that one for a special treat day (especially since it has 63 grams of sugar!)

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