Dairy Queen Released A Piñata Party Blizzard That’s Filled With Colorful Candy

Dairy Queen Released A Piñata Party Blizzard That’s Filled With Colorful Candy Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen can always be counted on for frozen desserts that are creative, fun, and just really delicious. Their new Piñata Party Blizzard has been released just in time for the chain’s 80th birthday on June 22 and of course, it’s a whole celebration in a cup and you won’t want to miss it.

  1. We first heard about the Piñata Party Blizzard back in January. We didn’t know much about it at the time in terms of what it would be like and when it was coming, but now it’s here! It couldn’t have come at a better time either.
  2. It sounds absolutely incredible. Dairy Queen’s Piñata Party Blizzard consists of their classic vanilla soft serve as well as cake pieces, cake batter pieces, and icing. Not only that, but it’s topped with whipped cream and some delightfully colored candy confetti pieces for a super festive look.
  3. The Piñata Party Blizzard is very much like a real piñata. That’s because the center of the Blizzard is full of pink, blue, and white icing stars that are crunchy on the outside (likely due to the coldness of the ice cream) and soft on the inside. Dairy Queen is not playing around here!
  4. Of course, it’s only around for a limited time. While some people, like YouTubers Melz & Chris, were able to purchase one at their local DQ store on June 4, another Dairy Queen location says the Piñata Party Blizzard will only be available there from June 18 – June 21st, which is not a huge window to enjoy this treat. How are we supposed to get maximum enjoyment when it’s only around for four days?!
  5. Keep checking your local Dairy Queen menu. No doubt the Piñata Party Blizzard will be popping up there in the next couple of days and when it does, you’ll want to get one immediately.

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