I Date To Have Fun, Not To Find Love, Which Is Why I Love This Dating Site

I love going on dates. Whether chatting with someone new over dinner or drinks, hitting up a concert for one of my favorite artists, or even just grabbing a quick coffee to determine if there’s any chemistry, dating is—and should be—a lot of fun. I’m not looking to find long-term love when I go out with someone, I just want to have a good time. That’s why I really enjoy these things.

  1. Unconventional dates I don’t mind going out to dinner or even heading to my local for some cocktails, but I much prefer doing more unconventional things. One of the best dates I’ve ever been on was when a guy took me to a local amusement park and we rode the roller coaster until we both nearly puked (I blame it on too many corn dogs). It was the first time we’d ever been out together and also the last, but it was a total blast.
  2. Guys who aren’t looking for a girlfriend There’s so much pressure in the dating world, especially once you hit your 30s, to know what you want and to be looking for something serious. I’m not entirely against the idea of finding love but I’m not actively looking for it, so I love when I meet a guy who’s on the same page. It allows dating to just be an enjoyable experience instead of carrying so much weight, which can often kill any chemistry that would have otherwise been there. The fact that a good portion of the guys I go out with are ones I meet online makes low-stakes dates much easier to find.
  3. Using Adult Friend Finder Adult Friend Finder is an adult social network of sorts that connects you to other people who are also looking to keep things low-stakes. They like having a good time just like me and are always down to try something new, which is great—spontaneity and creativity are two super attractive qualities. Plus, again, knowing that there’s no pressure makes it so much easier to kick back and actually enjoy myself.
  4. Taking a break when I’m feeling fed up When I’m tired of dating or it becomes not so fun, I have the luxury of taking a step back and not doing it for a while. Even when you’re not looking for something serious, there’s so much drama in the dating world and sometimes that can be emotionally draining. When I start to feel like that, it’s nice knowing I can just walk away until I feel like putting myself back out there.
  5. Blocking guys who aren’t worth my time While a lot of the drama is automatically filtered out since I’m upfront about not being on the hunt for a husband, there are still guys who claim to be one way and turn out to be totally different. When that crops up, I have the luxury of blocking, deleting, and moving on with my life. Since I’m not looking for love, I never have to second guess whether I may have missed out on something amazing.
  6. Staying drama-free It all comes down to this for me. I’m a grown woman with an amazing career, fantastic friends and family, and plenty of hobbies and passions. I don’t have the room or the energy in my life to deal with games and drama. When it crops up, I cut it out swiftly, and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel amazing. In the meantime, you’ll find me scrolling through Adult Friend Finder for a little bit of company.



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