I Only Date Rich Guys But It Has Nothing To Do With Money

I Only Date Rich Guys But It Has Nothing To Do With Money ©iStock/Eva-Katalin

I spent too many years dating losers. Then I moved on to rich guys and my mind was blown. Now, before you call me a gold digger, hear me out—I don’t date wealthy dudes for their money but for what their cash says about their characters. Here’s why successful guys are so much more attractive.

  1. Being rich requires a ton of energy and I love energetic men. Nobody gets rich just by sitting around hoping that money would fall from the sky (unless, of course, they inherited it, which is rare). Guys who are rich wake up before the sun rises and work their asses off. This takes a huge amount of energy and stamina. I want to be with someone who’s always on the move, not a man who watches football on the couch all day.
  2. In order to be rich, you have to be smart. With some very rare exceptions, you have to be smart in order to make money. I’m not talking book smart—successful guys have emotional intelligence and great common sense. Intelligence attracts me, which is why I only go for wealthy guys. He can be adorable but if he doesn’t have the brains, I’ll pass.
  3. I don’t just want a boyfriend, I want a mentor. I’m not interested in only going out with guys for sex and emotional closeness. Unfortunately, that’s all poor guys can give me. Rich guys, on the other hand, I can learn from. I want him to be my mentor, not just a warm body. If he can teach and inspire me, I’ll be the best girlfriend he can dream of.
  4. Rich guys know how to get what they want. Guys who make money are confident and driven. They won’t let anything stand between them and the end goal. If a rich guy wants me, he’ll take the lead and make it happen. I hate shy guys or those who lack self-confidence. That’s a huge turn-off. I don’t care about the amount of money in his bank account, but I do care about breaking barriers to get what he wants.
  5. Rich guys are full of surprises and that keeps me interested. Guys who have money have it because of their ideas. They’re visionaries. I want to be with someone whose idea of a perfect date is more than dinner and a movie. That’s super cliche. I want someone who thinks outside the box.
  6. Guys who are successful give no f*cks. You can’t climb to the top if you constantly look around you, wondering what everyone would say. Successful guys do what they please and don’t give a damn if someone doesn’t like them. I think that’s super sexy. I’m not interested in dating a loser whose life depends on public opinion.
  7. Poor guys think I’m weird AF. I work a lot, sometimes putting in 10-12 hours a day for weeks at a time. Poor guys don’t understand why I do that and judge me for “not enjoying life.” I enjoy life, thank you very much. I understand what it takes to be successful and knows when to make sacrifices. Wealthy guys can identify with that and don’t think I’m weird. They understand me perfectly.
  8. Rich guys make their own rules. Guys who have accumulated wealth don’t believe in rules and neither do I. After all, aren’t we the ones who create rules? Everything is biased and has errors. Rich guys are innovators and aren’t afraid to break rules and make new ones. That’s the kind of man I want to be with. I’m an independent woman and I need an independent man.
  9. Successful guys have amazing charisma. You can’t be powerful and wealthy if no one likes you. This is very rare. Most rich guys have a great level of charisma. Look at Richard Branson and Elon Musk—that’s the type of guy that attracts me. It has nothing to do with the money, it’s the fact that they know how to appeal to others that I love.
  10. Wealthy guys don’t believe in luck. Sure, becoming rich may require a dose of luck. Successful businessmen, however, know that luck means nothing if you’re not willing to work for it. While good circumstances can help, they’re the driving forces behind their business. I love passionate men who work hard on their projects. They inspire me to work on mine.
  11. Rich guys aren’t drama queens. Successful guys are simply too busy to dwell on every single thing. If I don’t text a guy for three days, there are two types of reaction I’ll get. A poor guy will be asking me what he did wrong and whether I’m seeing someone else. If he’s rich, on the other hand, and I tell him that I’ve been working, he’ll be totally cool with it. In fact, it’s possible that he hasn’t even noticed my absence. Either way, rich guys are rich because they are pragmatic. There’s no room for overreacting and being too emotional.
Dayana is a passionate traveler who's been navigating foreign lands and confusing relationships since she was 16. You can read more of her work on Matador Network and her blog, Dee Across The Sea.