6 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Loves Tequila

As far as alcohol’s concerned, there’s plenty of good stuff out there. Whether you love whiskey, White Claw, beer, or champagne, there’s something for everyone. However, it’s pretty much guaranteed that women who prefer tequila over all other drinks make the best girlfriends ever. Here’s why.

They know how to hold their own. Doing tequila shots until the early hours of the morning requires the ability to stay upright even when the room is spinning around you. Women who endlessly pour the Patron know exactly how to keep their legs from turning to jelly and collapsing on the floor, which means they’ll be able to hold their own in relationships too.

They know what they want and they’re not afraid to go after it. Women who love tequila don’t just stumble upon it randomly. They make a concerted effort to order it every time they hit their favorite bar or club and they even have a favorite brand (or several). If the bar’s out of the good stuff? They’re moving on. The way this translates into real life is obvious: if you’re not giving them what they want, they’ll go elsewhere. If you have it, they’ll take it (after asking politely, of course, and only with your permission).

They’re passionate and carefree. Women who drink tequila know there’s a pretty big chance that they’re going to get somewhat sloppy and maybe not remember tonight when the sun comes up tomorrow. That’s fine by them! They know life is too short to stress about what they’ll look like to other people—they live in the moment and appreciate every last one. If you date a woman like this, you can bet she’ll never take your relationship for granted and will throw every ounce of herself into loving you.

They trust themselves. Again, tequila is one hell of an alcoholic drink and has been the cause of more than a few blackouts for the women who drink it. However, tequila lovers don’t stress about this. They’re secure in who they are and don’t worry that they’re going to say or do something stupid while under the influence. The same thing goes for their relationships. If they love you, they don’t second-guess it. They know their brains and their hearts and they let them lead equally.

They’re always up for a good time. Staying in and cuddling on the couch is nice and all, but women who love tequila are at their finest with a glass in their hand and some good music pumping on the speakers so they can get out on the dancefloor and bust a move. In other words, you’ll never get bored with them, which makes them amazing partners.

They’re incredibly independent. While most of their friends are chugging IPAs or guzzling down cans of spiked seltzer, women who love tequila aren’t afraid to reach for the bottle of Jose Cuervo even if no one else is down. If you end up dating them, they’re happy to do their own thing while you do yours—no clinginess or codependency here.

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